Exmoor National Park

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Johnny Kingdom's Exmoor
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Wildlife in the Wood
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Exmoor's Red Deer

Red Deer can be easly found when you know where to look. We suggest you take an Exmoor wildlife safari in a 4 wheel drive landover. Exmoor Safaris take you to inaccessible places on ancient by ways.... completly off the beaten track. Exmoor wildlife safaris with take you to into the heart of the moor. You will visit places of great beauty undiscovered by the vast majority of visitors. Local people run these tours they understand deer movements. They know exactly where and when the different herds and individual deer can be found. These tours are enjoyed by all and very informative on the area's history, wildlife, fungi, flora and forna.

The Red Deer of Exmoor are truly magnificent animals and are loved by nearly all who live on Exmoor.
The red deer are the largest indigenous wild mammal in the British Isles and are found in practically the whole area of the Exmoor National Park and in the countryside just outside its boundaries.They are also found to a lesser extent on the Quantocks.

To see a big Stag in the Autumn with a full head of antlers called "Brow -Bay-Trey-Three a 'top " is one of life's real treats, it has the Wow' factor. To hear a Red Star roar in the Rut makes hairs stand up on the back of the neck. It is also exciting is to see the large herds of hinds when they gather on the open moor together at different times of the year.
The best time to find and see the red deer is at dawn or dusk in the various moorland locations they inhabit at this time of day. Often the deer graze on private farmland which is not always accessible to the general public or they are in woodland and difficult to see unless you know exactly where to look.

Like it or loath - it is a fact - the Devon & Somerset Staghounds at Exford have understood, protected and managed the welfare of the red deer within Exmoor National Park for approximately the last 300 years. They also deal immediately with road casualties and sick animals. For example - by taking just a few hounds they can separate a sick animal off from the main herd to quickly and humanely despatch it with a gun. Hunting also moves individual deer around which prevents inbreeding. Currently in 2008 Exmoor has a very good healthy herd of approximately 3,000 animals. Without the protection and management of the stag hounds or somebody , it is feared the deer will be poached and shot by landowners because they can cause serious damage to farmland and woodland.

Exmoor Beast... Fact or Fiction?

Exmoor National Park has 6 different packs of hounds on the moor who cover every square inch of Exmoor, often being videoed and photographed by hunt members and people not so keen on hunting. Plus a multitude of car followers scan the landscape with binoculars, often with cameras to hand. So this writers conclusion is, the Exmoor Beast is the name of a Car Rally, not a four legged beast. To the best of local knowledge, not one single trail hunting person has even glimpsed the Exmoor Beasts disappearing tail. Yet extensive damage was done to farm animals several years ago, most likley culprit... a dog or three.


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