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Exmoor accommodation is one of my main ways of attracting visitors to stay, and has certainly had successful results this year. My cottage has had excellent bookings in comparison to other cottages in the village that use a booking agency. Thank you
Liz Higson Luxborough, July 2011

We’re definitely getting bookings through this website – you’re doing good work, thank you. Lower Sellicks Roadwater.

Exmoor Accommodation is one of the best reffering sites we advertise on, delighted to renew my advert for another year. Meadpool House, Brendon Valley Lynmouth

We have just sold our holiday cottage on Exmoor, so have no further need at the moment. Thank you for running such excellent sites, which I will certainly use in the future.
Emma, Holiday Cottage Porlock

We are having an excellent season, about one third of all our web traffic comes from Exmoor accommodation Website. Thanks a lot for all you do. Adrian Hewlett Folly, Winsford, Exmoor

Many thanks for everything you have done, your website certainly brought us a lot of business.
R Arkill Exford B&B , Exmoor

Your site is one of our best proven sources of custom. Marston Lodge Hotel Minehead , West Somerset.

We always ask guests where did you find us on the internet and the majority reply Exmoor Accommodation.co.uk Kings Farm B&B Withypool, Exmoor.

We are very grateful for your help, really would not have had much success without Exmoor Accommodation. Brilliant site !!   We appreciate the splendid service you have given us for our first year of letting and shall remember the air ambulance.
Terry, Hideaways, Chapple Cleve.

Since joining Exmoor Accommodation website in May, I have been full all season, for the first time ever!
Loretta Whetlor, Highbank Cottage, Watchet.

During the last week or so we have had a tremendous amount of bookings from the Next 4 Weeks website. This means that all 4 cottages are now fully booked until October!
Andrew Flagg Woolchamber Cottages Simonsbath

Many thanks for putting our B&B on your site so quickly, it has already brought us one booking. Heather Lodge Exford, Exmoor

Your website is brillant, I already have the August date booked and lots of enquiries for the other dates. Stephany Pettinger Lynton and Lynmouth

I am extremely pleased with the results via your website. Blue Anchor Holidays.

The week now booked via your website, thank you. Hartshanger Holidays Porlock

I am now fully booked for the Easter weekend, last booking via Next 4 weeks.
Primrose Hill Holidays Blue Anchor

Thanks for posting our cancellation for 2 April so promptly, it filled almost immediately by a visitor to next4weeks. The Freight Shed, Wheddon Cross.

Exmoor Accommodation Website sends my website most of its traffic. Rest & Be Thankful Inn Wheddon Cross

We always ask we people found us on the internet and most are through the Exmoor Accommodation Website. Hillside Lynmouth, North Devon

May I add that we had phenomenal success with the advert and your late advertising.
Many thanks. Winstichin, Simonsbath

Just to let you know that on our web site the top link is from next4weeks and from that we are getting bookings, keep up the good work. Grassmere House, Combe Martin

Yippee!! Finally sold Xmas and New Year thanks to you in both cottages. Thanks Phil Cutthorne Wheddon Cross

With just your exmoor accommodation and next4weeks I have had more offers than required.
Fiona Parsons Virvale House, Ilfracombe

REALLY IMPRESSED how next 4 weeks has worked. Thanks for all your help. Kim Hall Huntingball Lodge Blue Anchor Bay

Your site continues to be one of the top referrers to our own website and a very good source of business. Cliff Bench, Valley House B&B, Lynmouth

Thanks my angel – now completely full – till the next cancellation!
Trish, Coulscott, Combe Martin

Many thanks for your hard work, I am delighted with the results this year.
Angela Nation, Church Farm S.C Porlock

We have taken our first booking on the first day on the site 31st July to 14th August also had 3 enquiries for same dates very impressive. A big thank you!
Julian Abrahams North Wheddon Farm

Thanks … the entry on your next4weeks site worked. I will send another donation to Devon Air Ambulance. Brian Martin, Riscombe, Exford, Exmoor

Well done on the updated facilities on E-A, particularly allowing the owners to control their content.
I think the site is now second to none, you should do well elsewhere in the country if you keep this up.
Richard Robbins Rosanda House, Minehead

The week of 14-21 Aug is now booked please remove from next 4 weeks site.
Will make another donation to the Devon Air ambulance. Lyn Dobie Clovelly House, Lynmouth

Many thanks, you let Handley Cottage for us 17 to 21st July. Linda L-F. Dulverton

We`ve been very happy with your website – many thanks for all your hard work. Hunters Moon B&B Exford

Your website – Exmoor accommodation.co.uk works very well for me. Winstitchen Farm. Exford Mr Organ

I don’t understand how the system works – I just know it does! Pam Disney, Grooms Cottage, Dunster.

We would like to join Exmoor Accommodation Website again next year. We are very pleased with the
enquiries we have received from this webpage, many ending up in booking. Handly Farm B&B + Cottages.

I can confirm the number of hits from my own analysis – we’re impressed! Denham Farm B&B + Cottages Waterrow

We have been very pleased with our webpage. Many thanks for your hard work in setting it all up. We have someone in now who booked through it. Hunters Moon B&B

Your Website is working well. Dunkery House Hotel Minehead

We are getting some good responses from our site so Dave and Jay obviously have the right touch. Woodcombe Lodge, Bratton, Minehead

Thanks for keeping in touch about your website, the personal touch makes a nice difference.Voley Farm

Delighted with the results from this website. Also all the help we had constructing our site from PC Webshop, enabled renewal of an old acquaintance, Dave. Thank you for your help and being the “brain child” of this site I look forward to continued association with this site. Threadneedle Cottage B&B, Dulverton

Exmoor Accommodation gets beter and better. Thanks to the Internet we had a fantastic season this year beating all our past records. Halse Farm Campsite Winsford, Exmoor

Booking’s are coming in very well now, many from Exmoor Accommodation. Handly Farm

We have had one booking through the site already! (first week on the site). The Old Parlour Wootton Courtenay

We get more referrals from you than from another Exmoor site. Bracken House Hotel Barnstaple

“Your web sites are very good, clear and well-designed and we get a very good number of referrals to our website from them. Riscombe Farm Holiday Cottages Exford

I am really pleased with my response from Exmoor Accommodation. We are finding that it is reaching a very different customer from our traditional client base. This has to be a good thing as however busy you are you always need new blood!” Brendon Hill Farm B&B Wheddon Cross

Your website Exmoor Accommodation is going from strength to strength. Congratulations. We had two bookings over the Christmas, New Year period. Venford Cottage Dulverton

Having sent an update a couple of days ago of availability, The Mill is now booked 12-19th April – thanks to you. meadowsweet-cottages Quantocks
I’m more than pleased with the response I’m getting from your sites. It seems that’s where I’m gettingmost of my enquiries from. Whitehall House Dulverton

We have found this website invaluable for filling our caravans at the last minute. We have had one or two cancellations this month due to ill health of our clients and ‘next4weeks’ has been extremely effective. The website administration is excellent and the site is always updated daily. I would strongly recommend this site to other holiday providers. Sunny Bank Caravan Park Watchet

Thanks for putting our cancellation online so quickly. I received 3 calls last night – the 2nd one booked and the 3rd one was really disappointed that it had gone.
Duddings Holiday Cottages Dunster

Thanks to your ‘next4weeks’ site, we are now fully booked until the beginning of September.
Draydon Cottages Dulverton

Client could not keep holiday about to start on 9/8/03 due to wife being admitted for Kidney op so Coulscott turned to ‘next4weeks’ and within hours we had 4 enquiries and they had filled the vacancy. I was able to return most of original clients money and donate a cheque to the Devon Air Ambulance for £25. Coulscott Holiday Cottages Combe Martin

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Tourism Enquiries
This websites replies quickly, as helpfully as possible and without favouritism to a constant trickle of visitor enquiries about Exmoor National Park area from potential guests.

Easter 2004 we stayed near Dulverton. I obtained the information from your web site. We hoped to come back to Exmoor this Easter, but the customers web site is inactive and I cannot raise them by phone. Can you help me on availability of this cottage or recommend an alternative. I recall speaking to you last year regarding difficulties in gaining confirmation of booking. As it happens it was a very good holiday. UK

I’m looking for self catering bunkhouse style accommodation in or around Exmoor, for approx 10 people for two nights, Fri 4th and Sat 5th March. I’ve left messages but cannot find any suitable places! I’m sure there must be quite a few dotted around. UK

I have been told that there is a place that I should visit called the Snowdrop Valley; I have no idea of the whereabouts of this place, is it in or near Exmoor? UK

We are two couples touring the southwest of England in May, we need a good quality holiday cottage with two ensuite bathrooms. Australia

My husband and I are planning a trip to England from April to the end of June. It would be a blessing if you could give us information regarding – places to visit, the best local attractions, maps, guides, transportation, and any other relevant material, we appreciate your efforts in making our trip run smoothly. New Zealand

Can you telephone us if a cottage cancellation comes in before you put it up on Next4weeks please.

We wanted to say how much we enjoyed our walking holiday on Exmoor. Holland

I have a complaint about the place we have just returned from, found through your website. UK

Please can you tell us which Exmoor riding stables would suit us best, we are both experienced riders. UK
The holiday cottage we booked has had a flood and our week has been cancelled by the owner, the holiday is nearly upon us and we are a family of 5 and desperately seeking an alternative, please can you help us find somewhere. UK

We are looking for accommodation for two persons at Christmas this year plus Christmas lunch, please supply us with details if you know of anything available, particularly interested in somewhere near Countisbury. UK

A user’s opinion
I found you online by using Google as a search engine and typed in Accommodation in Exmoor, loads of sites came up, but on the right hand side of the screen were some suggested sites, the first being www.exmoor-accommodation.co.uk, I found this to be a very user friendly site, with a choice of B&B, Guest Houses, Self Catering or Inns. I knew we wanted to stay in an Inn, and that is where I saw The Rest and Be Thankful, I was also able to click in to last min deals and mini breaks, to get the deal rate.

Exmoor Accommodation Website History
Although Exmoor was untouched by foot and mouth, the area effectivly closed overnight and my 18 year well established tourism business went from fully booked to empty overninght. At that time, I had a complex of six 5 star holiday cottages at Wheddon Cross, purchased as a rural slum in 1998 when we moved from Dorset.
In 2000 most of Little Quarme’s new customers were already finding the cottages on net via the 3 national sites and one local one I was advertising on. All four were unattractive, difficult to navigate and off putting to potential guests, but were starting to produce good results. So with no guest to look after I started thinking. The upshot was my 30 years of tourism knoweledge combined with Jay Nevada & Dave Silvera of PCWebshop Hi expertise and a few months later a live exmoor-accommodation.co.uk went from an idea on a sheet of white paper to a reality in Sept 2001 at a cost of £4.000.

Exmoor Accommodation achieved one of the last five places South West Tourism’s Website of the Year 2003. Exmoor Accommodation Won South West Tourism Website of the Year 2004.
Next4Weeks came online July 2002. Devon Accommodation 2003. Somerset Accommodation online 2006, Cornwall Accommodation and Britain Accommodation 2007. Dorset Accommodation October 2009.